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Tanning Benefits

There are many benefits of tanning, but the main benefits are the tan itself, as well as the feeling of well being that comes from tanning.  Or is that feeling from the 20 minute relaxation break you take when you tan at Sunsetters Tanning Studio?

Does it matter why tanning feels good?
Controlled exposure to UV may minimize some of the health risks that simply cannot be controlled when sunbathing outdoors.  Tanning beds and booths are regulated as class 1 medical devices - and many people experience a wide variety of health benefits from tanning - even though we cannot specifically advertise these until research provides more conclusive proof.  Still, early results indicate that some of the positive effects of UV exposure are:

  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Lowers resting heart rate
  • Increases cardiac output
  • Increases muscular strength
  • Lowers blood cholesterol
  • Increases resistance to infections
  • Increases oxygen capacity of blood
  • Increases tolerance to stress
  • Increases adrenaline in tissues
  • Increases sex hormones
  • Increases the skin's resistance to infections
  • Reduces the symptoms of PMS

 **  Source:  Dr. Zane Kime's Book,  "Sunlight Can Save Your Life"

UVB is known to be our primary source of Vitamin D which assists in the absorption of calcium.  This in turn helps form and maintain bone structure.  Vitamin D is also believed to reduce the risk of some cancers including colon cancer and breast cancer.  Vitamin D is essential for proper health and while some other sources as supplements are available, the main source of Vitamin D for most people is ultra violet light.

Skin disorders have been found to be beneficially effected by UV treatment along with medicines.  Outbreaks of acne seem less severe when the person is regularly tan.

Now tanning, like most activities in our lives, does have its hazards.  Fortunately, like most other risks we incur, they can be controlled or minimized.  Exposure to ultra violet light can be harmful to the eyes and over a period of time can create irreversible effects.  This can occur in natural sunlight and of course in the use of indoor tanning equipment.

Because ultra violet light penetrates the the skin, the closing of the eyes offers little in the way of protection from the potential damage that can be incurred.  The eyelids are thin membranes and are easily penetrated by UVA and UVB.  When outdoors in bright sunlight or in tanning equipment, protective eyewear should be worn.

HELIOTHERAPY      "The Positive Effects of the Sun"
Heliotherapy is defined as the treatment of disease and other disorders by exposing the body to sunlight.
The science of Heliotherapy supports the idea that regular, controlled exposure to the sun offers many health benefits, including:

  • Increases the body's tolerance of Stress
  • Increases the body's resistance to infection
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Lowers blood cholesterol

Dermatologists prescribe Heliotherapy as treatment of acne, psoriasis and other skin disorders.  Ultraviolet light is necessary for the body to produce Vitamin D, which prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a mood disorder caused by sunlight deprivation, has been successfully treated with Heliotherapy.

Above based on scientific studies from California Tan and the Heliotherapy Light and Skin Research Center at Boston University School of Medicine.


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