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Sunsetters Tanning

Tanning Equipment Facts.......
All Tanning Equipment is not created equal. Sunsetters has a broad mix of equipment and bulbs with varying degrees of UVA/AVB ultraviolet rays.  In fact Sunsetters offers 5 different Bulb technologies delivering to you the widest range of beds designed to give you "THE TAN THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU" regardless of your skin type.

Why 5 bulb technology choices?   Because everyone tans differently and this allows you as the Customer to see for yourself the results you desire.

Type 1:
100 watt output bulbs with 97.4% UVA rays (tanning rays) and less than 1.6% UVB (reddening rays). This type of bulb lets you tan for 20 minutes with absolutely no   redness or burning...but after several successive sessions the gentle tanning UVA rays will give you a beautiful bronze glow.  This is a great bulb for someone starting out the tanning process to build a base tan without burning.

Type 2:
100 watt High Intensity with bulbs with our highest concentration of UVB (5-6.5%) Rays. Premise is the same as Type 2 bulbs.  This type of bulb is best suited for an avid tanner looking to get instant gratification in colour.

Type 3:
160 watt high output VHR bulbs have been the biggest technology breakthrough in the modern tanning industry era. This bulb has a high concentration of UVA (tanning rays)  and because of the high output coupled with many becomes possible to obtain a great golden tan without the burning, in 1/3 the time (7-12 minutes).  This type of bulb is suitable for a first time tanner with lower minute exposure as well for the well tanned person looking to get a deeper darker glow by a longer exposure time.

Type 4:
200 watt very high output bulbs work in the same premise as type 3 bulbs but produce greater wattage output, therefore the maximum allowed time in this unit is 9 minutes. This is currently the most powerful bulb technology in the industry and Sunsetters was the first in Canada to have it.

Type 5:
High pressure bulbs are almost completely UVA (tanning rays), Sunsetters has them in 400-1000 watt intensity.  These are the facial bulbs we feature in most of our lay down beds.  It is a known fact that the face is one of the most difficult parts of the body to tan and to maintain, therefore the UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin  layers and activate more tanning cells (melanin) to bring out that beautiful bronze colour.

***  Please note that we recommend that when maintaining a tan, it is best to alternate equipment that features different bulb technology at times, to get a mix of UVA/UVB rays that will give you the best results.

 "The Matrix"

  • The Matrix boasts 22,740 watts of sheer high pressure tanning power that delivers a deep, dark tan like nothing else on the market.
  • It has 6 X 1000 watt high pressure facials as well as 27 X 620 watt high pressure bulbs for the body.
  • The top and bottom center banks of bulbs rotate back and forth for a complete and even tan.



"Matrix V28"

  • Develop a rich dark tan in just 3 sessions.
  • Maintain your tan by using 2-3 sessions per month.
  • With over 22,000 watts of Tanning Power output you will achieve unmatched results!





"Sun Board XTT"

  • Do you want a longer-lasting tan in fewer sessions?  The Sunboard is a 4 sided high pressure tanning unit.  It surrounds you in a open non-claustrophobic tanning easy-chair with 5 X 1000 watts plus high pressure bulbs and 10 X 400 watt plus high pressure bulbs.
  • The frosted wave-formed acrylic lounge with a multi-speed controlled air shower makes this unit the ultimate in comfort.




"S-Class Beds"

  • The S-Class gives you 3 minutes of 3800 watt high pressure XTTAfterbronzer Facial Tanning for FREE... 
  • An on demand misty breeze button and aromatic fragrances of 4 essential oils surrounding you as you tan.
  • You will get a beautiful full body tan with 50 X 160 watt VHR bulbs and 2 X 400 watt high pressure shoulder tanners.


 "Silver Bullet Beds"

  • Up to 12 minutes of powerful tanning excellence. 48 X 160 Watt VHR bulbs.
  • 2 X 400 Watt high pressure shoulder tanners.
  • 2 X 800 Watt and 4 X 400 Watt high pressure facial tanners with XTT (Extreme Tan Technology).
  • Self contained air conditioner keeps you comfortable while tanning.




 "Lotus  Beds"

  • Test drive one today!  You will love the quick results and the relaxation of a lay down bed.
  • The Lotus offers 40 X 160 watt bulbs as well as 3 X 400 watt XTT high pressure facial tanners with adjustable intensity.
  • The air-conditioned lounge acrylic and the multi-speed full body cooling help maintain a comfortable body temperature.


 "The Big Bear"

  • Over 10,000 watts (type 3 bulbs) of savage tanning power
  • 9 high pressure (type 5) facial tanners
  • 3,000 btu's of self contained air conditioning comfort
  • 4 degree lounge incline for ultimate luxury
  • Great results in just 7-12 minutes



 "The Cyclone"

  • 10,000 watts (type 4 bulbs) of cutting edge tanning technology
  • The most exhilarating ride in tanning (only 9 minute maximum exposure time)
  • Patent 21 mph turbo fan cooling system
  • No tan lines




"High Output Standups"

  • 54 bulbs - 160 watt technology (type 3 bulbs)
  • Tan on the run in just 7-12 minutes
  • Great for the beginner or advanced tanner
  • No tan lines
  • Super breezy and cool



"The Apollo"

  • Unique combination of 160 watt (type 3 bulbs) on top and 100 watt (type 2 bulbs) on bottom
  • Out of this world tanning in just 7-15 minutes
  • Maximum tan time is 15 minutes




"Royal Sun Beds"

  • 32-100 watt (type 1) bulbs and 2-high pressure (type 5) facial bulbs
  • Super size and roomy comfort for a 20 minute session
  • No redness or burning

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